Art Xchange 2019

Art Xchange 2019

Erika Nelson and Kevin Stephenson are co-hosting an event this upcoming spring semester for the Virginia Tech community, called the Art Xchange.

Virginia Tech has many students and faculty that have arts that they do in addition to their everyday schedules. This event is to serve as an exposé/ gathering for artists and the community to come together for the artists to show off their talents and pocket some cash. The goal of this is to bring awareness and more appreciation to the arts.

Artists will have tables set up where they can barter with other artists or they can price their work and people can purchase from them. There will be an admission fee of $1-3 for each person attending. The proceeds made from the admission fee will go to the Horticulture Garden as a donation because they are letting us use their space for free and they generally charge to host events. NOTE: artists do not have to pay an admission fee.

There will be live performances throughout the event, including dance, music, and spoken word. We want to bring as many people as possible out. Thank you!

Click the link below to sign up!

Art Xchange 2019 Sign Up Link



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